Mark Vange

Consulting Chief Technology Officer @ Caliber Co

Innovating and deploying technology since his first software sale at the age of 10, Mark Vange is known worldwide for his trailblazing inventions and strategic direction of successful technology companies in throughout the world.

Vange’s experience includes decades of technology leadership, extensive entrepreneurship and dozens of patents. He has had a hand in the publication of hundreds of games and apps throughout his career and has started and sold several successful technology businesses. He was the Founder of Mobile Post Production, which was acquired by Electronic Arts (EA) where Vange served as Vice President and CTO of EA Interactive, responsible for all mobile and social games, later expanding his focus to encompass cross-platform digital delivery. He lends his technical prowess and vision as a consulting CTO focused on helping companies to grow and identify new opportunities through reimagining technologies and business processes. Vange’s previous roles have included CTO of Circadence Corporation, CTO of VR-1 Inc. and President of Virgin Gaming Mobile.

As Consulting CTO, Vange will collaborate with Caliber’s strategic path for infusing industry-changing technology applications across Caliber’s diverse real estate investments including commercial, residential and hospitality. Vange will focus on transformative solutions that elevate the informational, ownership and relational experience within real estate.